Thursday, May 22, 2008

Honoring Local Authors

Yesterday the Whitefish Branch Library hosted an open house to honor many of our local authors...lots of wonderful refreshments and great conversation! These authors have written about so many different things, it would be hard to describe them all here. Many authors had their books and magazine articles available to look through. One of most interesting parts of the afternoon was hearing about their inspiration, whether they were writing fiction or nonfiction. There are quite a few books and articles coming out this year, too. We definitely have an energetic and prolific group of writers in our midst!

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Anonymous said...

This was the 8th annual Honor Montana Authors gathering at the Whitefish Branch and out of 30 invitations approximately 21 authors came. There was a special "In Memory of..." display as well as new 'just in print' authors, 'to be printed soon' authors, and many, many of our favorite authors from past years. Thanks to all who participated and contributed to its success! joey