Monday, June 23, 2008

Having a baby soon?

One of the most overwhelming aspects of pregnancy has got to be the decisions to be made about baby gear. What do I need to buy? When should I buy it? Do I need a baby bathtub? What's the best kind of car seat? Enter Heather Maclean and Hollie Schultz, authors of The Baby Gizmo Buying Guide. This book is a veritable encyclopedia of baby gear. Rather than recommend specific brands, the authors explain the differences between types of baby contraptions (activity gyms vs. activity centers, for example). Extremely helpful for first time parents made dizzy by all the options out there for strollers, infant carriers, slings, and swings.


Mary Drew said...

Sounds like a great book. I remember another book I depended on when my child was a baby. It was a small reference guide to childhood illnesses. It was nice to be informed about such things as giving aspirin to a child with a fever. Do you or don't you, and why or why not? Does the library have a book like that?

Martha said...

Yes, there are a handful of books like that! If you search for "infant care" under Subject in our catalog, you'll find them. One that immediately comes to mind is The Baby Book by Dr. Sears, which covers health aspects of babyhood, including medications and illnesses.

Martha said...

A search for "pediatric emergencies" as a subject gets you even more results, including Take Your Pediatrician with You: Keeping Your Child Healthy at Home and on the Road.