Friday, October 3, 2008

Alcatraz Library

I've been travelling a bit and was fortunate enough to visit Alcatraz and not have an extended stay there. I found the library portion more interesting than I would have before becoming an employee of FCL. My favorite rule in the library section (44) is subrule #5...

5) Handle library books carefully. Many of the worn out books, especially fiction books, can not be replaced since they are out of print. You are cautioned not to loan or exchange books with other inmates or to toss books to other tiers or the flag. Defacement, mutilation or destruction of books will be cause for disciplinary action even to the extent of forfeiture of good time.

Please, please handle books with care so that the Flathead County Library doesn't have to stiffen our policies from 10 cents a day to forfeiture of good time!

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