Wednesday, November 12, 2008

check it out! movies

This oppressive early darkness and cloud cover (I was reading a novel this week that mentioned "the sky lay like a coffin lid over the city." I can relate!) sends me right to the couch and the DVD player. I've watched two very interesting new releases over the past week: The Edge of Heaven (116 min., in English, German, and Turkish w/ English subtitles, not rated) and The Visitor (104 min., in English, Arabic, and French w/English subtitles, rated R).

The Visitor takes place in New York City and deals with a widowed professor who's life collides with a young couple from Africa, living in the US illegally. It's a poignant film about different cultures, post 9/11 fear, and the power of the human spirit. The Edge of Heaven deals with immigrants also, but this time Turks and Germans living uneasily in today's Europe; and explores the "vagaries of human relationships across all borders, national and personal."

Both films are well worth the watch, bestowing a wonderful distraction from the sudden approach of early winter. And both are available from your Flathead County Library.

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