Tuesday, February 3, 2009

check it out! films

On Saturday I went to see the new feature film Milk, starring Sean Penn. What an amazing performance (Penn has already garnered the SAG award for best actor); and such a poignant story. Harvey Milk, the first openly gay supervisor in the city of San Francisco, was a community organizer, gay rights activist, and caring human being. He and mayor George Mosconi were murdered in 1978 by Dan White, another city supervisor, who was disgruntled with them both. Harvey Milk's story was first told in a documentary The Times of Harvey Milk, available here @ your Flathead County Library. The film won an oscar for best documentary at the 1985 Academy Awards and is mentioned as a contributing source for the new Gus Van Sant film, playing now in Kalispell. Milk is nominated for 8 academy awards and I highly recommend it; it is a timely film. But you might want to check out the source material in The Times of Harvey Milk, also timely.

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