Friday, June 18, 2010

"Making A Splash" at our libraries

We made a splash at our libraries this week with the launch of our 2010 summer reading program. The kids in Kalispell heard stories about bubbles and a pirate who hijacked a school bus. You never saw so many bubbles when the littlest ones created their own bubble makers. The older kids did a science experiment about water quality.In Columbia Falls the kids used their imaginations to go to the beach, by listening to beach stories, making an ocean in a jar, and creating their own seashell bracelets.The Bigfork kids heard some great stories about frogs and made frog puppets. Our Whitefish kids heard a story about a goofy pirate and looking for buried treasure and cabbages! There were lots of sharks "swimming" around there. Many sharks gave up some of their teeth so that kids could also make shark tooth necklaces. It's only the beginning....

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