Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Cattle drive at the Columbia Falls storyhour

Our square cardboard cow yielded 30 square cardboard cartons of milk for storyhour kids today in Columbia Falls. Not bad for such a young cow. Her udder is a surgical glove filled with water. Small holes were added at the last minute, before the dairy workers arrived. She proved easy to milk and friendly too.


Anonymous said...

This cow has a blue udder!

Anonymous said...

How did you get the udder to stay on? I am making a cardboard cow for a camp but i can't get the udder to stay on.

Anonymous said...

There is a broom that runs along the backbone of the cow's box body, sticking out on both ends. The broom end is covered by the cow's head. The handle end sticks out and is decorated with a yarn tail. So, inside the box, around where the udder goes, I slip a homemade "S" hook made of wire over the broom handle. Then I fill a rubber glove with water, rubberband the wrist end, and hang the wrist end rubberband over the other end of the "S" hook. It is quite secure, though the kids have learned that if they twist the cow's tail, they can turn the cow's head!
Ann Brooks
Columbia Falls Branch Library