Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Growing a Reader

Parents often ask the Children’s Staff the question, “How can I help my child to be a better reader?” You have to remember that reading doesn’t just happen. It is a skill that must be nurtured from a child’s earliest years. Also, once children know how to read, they still need gentle coaxing and support to reach their full potential as readers.

Here are some tips that might help nurture that growing reader:

  1. Read with your child.
  2. Make sure they have plenty to read.
  3. Bring them to the library and let them choose what they would like to read.
  4. Respect their choices.
  5. Notice what interests them, and then help them find books about those things. Any of the librarians can help, too.
  6. Tell stories. This is a great way to pass on family history and build your children’s listening and thinking skills.
  7. Go places and do things with your children to build their background knowledge and vocabulary. This gives them a basis for understanding what they read.
  8. Be a reading role model. You can share and discuss what you read with your child.
  9. Not all reading takes place between the covers of a book. What about menus, road signs, or food labels? Magazines can often help reluctant readers improve; the shorter articles don’t seem overwhelming.

Let us know how we can assist you as you grow those readers!


Skeeter said...

Beautiful and Thank you for that blog!

kc said...

Thank you, Lynn. This is what we're all about.

Sahara said...

Good for people to know.