Friday, June 19, 2009

Working Smarter

Main Library Circulation staff, Julie, Joann, Sharon, Lisa, and Kat gather around their hero Mr. Brett. Brett has configured the automated library system to print out hold slips for self-service holds. We used to handwrite each slip, which was time consuming and sometimes not so tidy. Now, the self-service holds have easy-to-read labels for our customers. "Circ loves Brett!" is the rousing cheer.
After Brett worked his magic, Kat streamlined processes in the backroom so that all holds immediately go to the self-service shelf, making it easier for our customers to quickly get requested materials. Theses are just two examples of our fantastic Flathead County Library staff members working smarter to benefit our communities.


Hi. I'm Erin. said...

Way to go, Mr. Brett!

Tony said...

Everybody loves Brett, not just Circ. He needs more t-shirts!

Hi. I'm Erin. said...

You should sell "We love Brett" t-shirts as a library fundraiser. I'd buy one.